IMOT can provide assistance and advice on the European programme that best suits your needs and ideas. It will also support you in the development and arrangements of the project once the European funds have been approved. In addition, IMOT will help you to create a working method from the beginning to the final justification of your project.

Drafting the projects:
  • Information and guidance about Erasmus+ call
  • Support for registering in Erasmus+ platforms
  • Informative mettings with schools and entities involved in the project
  • Selection of the most suitable partners
  • Drafting the proposal
  • Compilation of information and documents requested in the call
  • Budgetary planning of the project
  • Fixing a work schedule
  • Submission of the proposal in the correct form and on time

Coordinating the projects:
  • To contact the European partners involve in the proposal to start the work schedule
  • Assistance in the selection process and management of documents
  • Online mobilities registration
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the programme
  • Budget control
  • Compilation of documents for final reports
  • Intermidiate and final report
  • Assistance in the dissemination of learning outcomes and explotation of results
  • Assistance and guidance in case of audit request